Photo Courtesy of Ashworth Creative

Who is she?

A graduate of King Edward VI College in Warwickshire, England with a degree in Communications, her career got its start managing the world’s biggest tooth-whitening product as a marketing coordinator with Ultradent Products Inc. In 2001, Eve worked alongside her husband, Isaac, to develop Ashworth Design, which later became Ashworth Creative.


What does she do?

Her philosophy for creative marketing strategies is focused on helping businesses overcome obstacles that are blocking the company from making key insights and gains. Ashworth Creative will diagnose what’s causing your business headaches, and then help you determine the best solution to move forward. “Once you get past the really tough stuff, that’s when creativity can flow!” Ashworth says. This Poughkeepsie-based marketing firm will see what your company needs today, but also what it needs next week, next month, two years from now, ten years from now.

Go Gladys is their big-name digital product. This software platform started out as a response to clients who were looking for a better alternative to PowerPoint. Ashworth delivered and then some. Today, this interactive content and organizational tool is used by many companies and is a featured resource of Crystal Run Healthcare and The Culinary Institute. In short, this non-linear presentation platform is great for narrative marketing strategies and can help clients in essentially in any industry. The development of this platform has directly informed Ashworth’s philosophy of developing innovative products as a response to market-driven challenges.


Why watch?

We look at the combination of Transatlantic business background, the gumption to take on a major industry player in Microsoft, and a track record of success—all which suggest her creative marketing firm is one to be reckoned with. Or, rather, one to team up with. Already her creative marketing firm has completed several successful projects working with companies in education, healthcare, financial services, municipal, legal, retail, and real estate. And so, really, the question is what project will Ashworth Creative take on next?

Why else should you be watching? Because other people are already watching. She was one of Hudson Valley Magazine’s 2017 Top Women in Business. She was also a recipient of the Dutchess County Chamber 40 under 40 award.