Alison Heller. Photo courtesy of TRELORA.

Who is she? Alison Heller is the strategic sales and marketing leader at TRELORA, an innovative, one-of-a-kind flat fee real estate company. In early 2013, she started her own company, eventually leaving to pursue a career in the real estate sector. A champion of sales, brand development, online advertising, and general innovation, Heller is doing big things to shake up well-established industries.


What does she do? After graduating from the University of Denver with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Alison Heller embarked on an upwardly mobile career trajectory. Always in marketing, Heller worked for companies like 97.3 KBCO, Level 3 Communications, CBS Radio, AT&T Advertising Solutions, GutCheck, and Zillow Group. She moved quickly from a district sales representative at Black & Decker to a Director of Marketing and Promotions, eventually co-founding her own company in 2013. Heller’s company, Greenito, is a customer engagement platform working to change how the cannabis business reaches its customers.

In early 2018, she joined the TRELORA flat fee real estate company. To understand Alison’s innovation, consider her role at this flat-fee real estate group. Rather than taking a standard 2.8% to 3% commission, TRELORA asks only for a $2,500 listing fee, saving clients an average of $12,500 on the purchase or sale of their home. As the Director of Sales and Marketing, Alison was responsible for selling prospective and current customers on their flat-fee realtor process, while growing sales and working toward satisfied customers. With cutting-edge technology and candid transparency, this company—and the people on its executive team—are already making a significant impression on the local real estate industry.

To that end, TRELORA prioritizes gender diversity in its staff. A multitude of experiences and opinions is the best strategy for innovation, and Alison Heller is an essential player at this company. Unseating a longstanding industry isn’t an easy job, but it’s one Heller is motivated to do.


Why watch? TRELORA is already restructuring the real estate industry in Denver and Seattle. With Heller at the wheel, we can only imagine the waves this company will make. Additionally, TRELORA’s focus on hiring a diverse staff makes us think that Heller has some great, innovative company on the executive team. We can’t wait to see what type of projects and collaborations come out of this role.