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What does she do? Lindy West is a writer, comedian, and activist living Seattle, Washington. A former writer for online publication Jezebel, West is the author of the essay collection Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman and a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times. In the past, she has written for The Daily Telegraph, GQ, the New York Daily News,, Deadspin,, MSNBC, and The Guardian.


Who is she? Educated at Occidental College in Los Angeles, West’s career began as the film editor for Seattle’s alternative weekly newspaper, The Stranger. Using this invaluable experience, she launched into a career as a staff writer for Jezebel, where she wrote on racism, sexism, and fat shaming. In 2013, West won the Social Media Award from the Women’s Media Center, stating in her acceptance speech: “I hear a lot these days about the lazy, aimless ‘millennials’ –about how all we want to do is sit around twerking our iPods and Tweedling our Kardashians – and I also hear people asking, ‘Where is the next generation of the social justice movement? Where are all the young feminists and womanists and activists?’ Dude, they’re on the internet.”


In 2015, West co-founded Shout Your Abortion, a social media campaign designed to create a platform for women to share their abortion experiences “without sadness, shame, or regret.” In 2016, she won The Stranger’s Genius Award in Literature.


Why watch? West has recently signed two new book contracts. One is a cultural critique meant to examine how we arrived at this moment in history— “to make some sense of this horrifying quagmire in which we find ourselves,” according to the Hachette press release. The other is a book centered on West’s film criticism. Though neither of these books have titles or confirmed release dates, we are thrilled to see what West publishes.