Leora Rothschild. Courtesy of Rothschild Safaris.

Business: Rothschild African Safaris


What they do: Rothschild is an award-winning tour operator specializing in safari experiences. The company’s Travel Designers personally travel to every destination offered in order to try every style of accommodation. Rothschild Safaris’ research sets them apart from other travel consultants; employees often spend weeks driving instead of flying in order to test a particular route, and they stay at each suggested accommodation to ensure traveler satisfaction. Their 24/7 global service, transparency, and thirty years of experience make them an easy choice for those seeking adventure in Africa and Asia.


Background: A native South African, Leora founded Rothschild Safaris in 1998. Leora believes that, in order to know and understand a destination, one must know more than just a hotel and a few restaurants. She understands the importance of local community, striving to incorporate “locals-only” destinations and touches into her trips. In her own words, “You need to know the right people, because when you need something to happen quickly, you better know who to call!”

Leora has been named to the 2017 Travel + Leisure A-List of Top Travel Specialists several times for her expertise in planning family safaris and honeymoon safaris to Africa. Her experiences include everything from rooms with private plunge pools to off-the beaten-track camps.


Currently, Leora is travelling on safari in South Africa. When she is not on the road vetting new Rothschild Safari destinations, Leora enjoys splitting her time between the United States and Australia, spending time with her husband and two daughters, and working on exciting new challenges. She takes her daughters with her on safari and has for years, raising them just as she was raised.