Photo Courtesy of Lani Lazzari/Twitter

Who is she?
Lani Lazzari is an American businessperson, entrepreneur, founder and the president of the cosmetics company Simple Sugars established in 2005 specializing in manufacturing and selling all-natural sugar scrubs for sensitive skin.


What does she do?
Lani Lazzari is a President and CEO of her own cosmetics company Simple Sugar with 13 full-time employees and over $2.5 million in sales. In 2016 she launched a new product line for men “Smooth for Men” and is currently working on creating a baby line. She also keeps putting out new variations and scents of body, facial, and foot scrubs. As Lazzari says, the main focus of her company is on repeat customers. Therefore, in order to retain them, she puts rewards programs in place.

Lazzari’s strategy is to make skincare as simple as possible. That is why she does not try to sell a whole line of products, but focuses on selling just one universal item instead.

As a businessperson and a company’s owner, Lani is looking to continue strengthening the online presence of the company, growing and promoting new lines, and expanding the company’s retail footprint.


Why watch?
Lani Lazzari is one of the youngest and most successful business owners who has a passion to keep her company alive and make it grow. She is a talented and enthusiastic entrepreneur, who started making her first skincare products in her mother’s kitchen when she was only 11 years old. By age 13, she was already able to turn her hobby into a successful small business by selling her handmade products at farmers markets and craft shows.

Hitting a 15-year milestone is a huge accomplishment, especially for such a young business owner as Lani. According to Forbes, 8 of 10 businesses fall within 1,5 years. The fact that Lazzari was able to surpass that many times over, proves that her company Simple Sugars has a really promising future.

Lani Lazzari is a role model for all girls and young women by inspiring them to follow their dreams and accomplish goals. She can justly be called a business veteran and an ambassador for female entrepreneurship.