The Center for Women in Leadership sounds like it should be a huge non-profit organization backed my millions of dollars in funding and with a laser focus on promoting women in leadership. And we’re working to eventually make it into something very much like this. We reckon our larger mission and values will include featuring individuals who have already made significant achievements and contributions to their fields—as well as promoting a more equitable culture and environment in which women can step into leadership roles and thrive based on their skills and merit.

For now, we’re going to being content with highlighting women in leadership roles in business, media, politics, sports, and other leadership roles. Naturally, these are just the women who have come to our attention or who have made a connection with us in some way. We look forward to working on future profiles and features for the innumerable women who are serving as leaders in communities around the world.

While nobody is perfect, our leaders included, it’s often the reaction to their struggles and flaws that make people leaders to begin with. We hope these profiles convey even a fraction of the inspiration we’ve gleaned—and continue to glean—from these women over the years.